"Unani" or "Yunani medicine is the term for Perso-Arabic traditional medicine as practiced in Mughal India and in Muslim culture in South Asia and modern day Central Asia The term Y?n?n? means "Greek", as the Perso-Arabic system of medicine was based on the teachings of the Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen.

The Hellenistic origin of Unani medicine is still visible in its being based on the classical four humours: phlegm (balgham), blood (dam), yellow bile (?afr?) and black bile (saud?'), but it has also been influenced by Indian and Chinese traditional systems.

The Supreme Court of India and Indian Medical Association regard unqualified practitioners of Unani, Ayurveda and Siddha medicine as quackery. Practitioners of alternative medicine, including those practicing Unani medicine, are not authorized to practice medicine in India unless trained at a qualified medical institution, registered with the government, and listed as physicians annually in The Gazette of India. Identifying practitioners of Unani medicine, the Supreme Court of India stated in 2018 that "unqualified, untrained quacks are posing a great risk to the entire society and playing with the lives of people without having the requisite training and education in the science from approved institutions".


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Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery is a 5 year course. Eligibility for the course is 10+2, intermediate cleared. Admissions for such course are on the basis of counselling after clearing entrance tests depending on the colleges.Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery:... View More


P.G COURSES After successfully completing BUMS, one is eligible to do further specialisation such as Mahire-Tib (MD Unani) and Mahir-e-Jarahat (MS Unani), which are for three years. All admissions to MD/MS programmes are based on the marks scored in... View More

It is normal to go with Unani fields that are in great demand, there are number of other branches that also offer great career opportunities. One needs to carefully consider their strengths and interests to determine a branch that’s most suitable.
The graduation types Unani stream are UG,PG
The number of graduates who pursue a masters degree is relatively low. This is because there are numerous job opportunities. Therefore, pursuing a master's in Unani can be a huge advantage.
There are total of 2 courses in Unani stream

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