Diploma in Cinematography is an undergraduate course having 1 or 2 years duration. It’s conducted as a full-time course and the minimum qualification to learn cinematography is 10+2. There is no minimum percentage required to apply for the course.

Diploma in Cinematography: What it is about?

The cinematography is a profession for those who are eager, committed, and passionate about pursuing a career in filmmaking. Students can increase the scope of their study by pursuing a bachelor’s degree side by side by from a film institution. Diploma in Cinematography course primarily teaches its students about camera and light crews working on film production, television production or any other live event and making technical and artistic decisions related to the image.

Concepts in Cinematography include visual storytelling, camera techniques, lighting methods and techniques, scene composition and working with the entire film crew. During the course, students are introduced to several concepts on editing through short film projects genres, film lighting, basics of cinematography and digital cinematography.

The important topics covered under the curriculum of Diploma in Cinematography include:

Film Dimension and Packaging, Processing and Printing, Films for Motion Picture, Motion Picture Cameras and Shooting Format

Various Camera Test, Types of Film Cameras, Types of Digital filmmaking, Special Cinematography and Cinema Projection.

A start in a career as Cinematographer can be challenging but turns lucrative depending on candidates’ project and experience. A two-year Diploma in Cinematography is sufficient to start a career in movies, television, and documentaries. The course structure will largely help a student in gaining experience required in field work.

Diploma in Cinematography: Eligibility

Students need a pass in class 12th examination in any stream. There is no minimum percentage requirement to seek admissions. In some institutes students above 15 years of age can also apply for admissions.  

Diploma in Cinematography: Admission Process

The selection criteria is based on candidate’s performance in personal interview. The institute shall evaluate whether the student is really passionate about studying Diploma in Cinematography course. Some institutes will offer direct admission based on first come first serve.


Basically you would want to choose a course that will lead you to fulfill your ambition and build your future career. you will always want to take courses which will future-proof your existing skillsets to better equip you to excel in your workplace and move your career path to succeed well in life.
The occupied stream of Cinematography is Polytechnic
The graduation type of Cinematography is Diploma

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