Naturopathy is the branch of science that is centered on the body’s own healing ability. It is essentially about body’s self-cleaning and repair without the use of allopathic medicines, body's immune, hormonal, nervous, and excretory systems, the body’s adjustment and alignment with these systems and naturally healing diseases pertaining to these systems in the body.

Licensed Naturopathic Physicians typically work at clinics with patients, analyze symptoms, problems, and medical statuses, personalize treatment protocols for every patient, study the patient's lifestyle habits, scan patients’ ailments/allergies to find clues responsible for the current state.

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BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences)

Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Science (BNYS) is a 4.5- years long undergraduate course in the field of Integrative Medicine that covers the study of both traditional Naturopathy Medicine and Modern Medicine. The course includes the mandatory completion of a Compulsory... View More

MS/MD Naturopathy

After successfully completing BNYS, one is eligible to do further specialisation in the three-year master’s programme.  All admissions to master’s programmes are based on the marks scored in AIAPGET- 2020. You can choose to specialise in one or more of these... View More

The graduation types Naturopathy And Yogic Science stream are UG,PG
The number of graduates who pursue a masters degree is relatively low. This is because there are numerous job opportunities. Therefore, pursuing a master's in Naturopathy And Yogic Science can be a huge advantage.
It is normal to go with Naturopathy And Yogic Science fields that are in great demand, there are number of other branches that also offer great career opportunities. One needs to carefully consider their strengths and interests to determine a branch that’s most suitable.
There are total of 2 courses in Naturopathy And Yogic Science stream

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