Diploma in Architectural Assistantship is a Diploma level Architecture Engineering course. Architectural Assistantship defines that it is general supervision, prepares and reviews plans for building construction or modification; conducts studies to determine departmental space needs and applies these to existing buildings and capital improvement projects; and performs related work as required. During the course candidates should prepare working drawings of buildings, basic knowledge of the important materials like; stones, bricks, lime, cement, paints, timber, exterior and interior finishes, glass, plastics, building hardware, roofing materials, additives and admixtures, adhesives etc. and other related areas to it. Diploma in Architectural Assistantship is three years duration course. This course is a job oriented in the field of construction.


The basic eligibility requirement for this diploma course is that candidate must pass class 10th in Science stream. A class 12th class pass candidate is also eligible to appear for the course.

The minimum age requirement is 15 years. An entrance exam is held for admission in the diploma course.


The graduation type of Architectural Assistantship is Diploma
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The occupied stream of Architectural Assistantship is Polytechnic

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